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Wily Writers™ Terms of Service

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

You're welcome here, so long as you abide by the following rules. We value honesty, respectful behavior, and common sense.
  • Be professional. This is a professional community. The bridges you burn could haunt you for the rest of your career.
  • Respect other people's privacy. Do not reveal to the public anything learned about another author or their work while here.
  • No hate. Wily Writers welcomes everyone.
    • No matter their political or religious affiliation, gender identity, sexual orientation, etc. — here, we are all just writers.
    • If you feel that someone is out of line, your primary course of action is to message Angel or email and file a report. Do not engage with them yourself.
  • Respect other people's triggers. If you include sensitive topics in your work (such as rape or child molestation), please be gentle and careful with how you discuss them on the forums or in groups. When in doubt, ask first. There are people who have deep-seated personal emotional triggers related to these topics.
    • Trigger warnings on discussions are a great idea.
    • Wily Writers believes that every writer has the right to write and publish material that includes taboo subject matter. Even those acts that we would not condone in real life can have a place in fiction. We do not judge people based on their fiction.
  • Keep discussions professional and intellectual. You can passionately defend your position, but attacking or insulting your peers will not be tolerated.
  • Keep your promises. If you promise to promote someone else's work, do it.
    • If you can't keep your promise, own up to it with humility. We all understand that sometimes obstacles come up.
  • Don't be sketchy. No stalking. No stealing. No abuse of the space.
Wily Writers LLC and Angel McCoy (CEO) reserve the right to block a member (either temporarily or permanently) and to cancel anyone's membership at any time, without warning. You will be allowed an appeal, if you wish it. Wily Writers LLC will determine the outcome of your appeal.

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