Zoom Co-Working Events

Wily Writers (M,T,W,Th,F) hosts co-working sessions. Come when you can and stay as long as you like. It’s okay to show up late, but please mute yourself if everyone is working.

How It Works

We’ll have 15 minutes to chat at the beginning to catch up and claim our intentions. Then, we’ll dive in. We’ll stop on the hour at the end, and people can hang to chat some more, if you would like. This results in 105 minutes of work time (approx. 2 Cannon task blocks or Pomodoro sprints).

The goal is accountability! I and many others have anecdotal proof that this method works to get people focused and writing. The group dynamic is powerful. Just knowing that you’re not alone and that others are there working alongside you is energizing!

These events will NOT be recorded.

Grab the perfect tool to track your progress:
Writing Sprints Tracker & Journal
The Serious Writer’s Daily Word Production Log
by Wily E.S. Magill
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