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Lisa Morton

Lisa Morton is a screenwriter, author of non-fiction books, and prose writer whose work was described by the American Library Association’s Readers’ Advisory Guide to Horror as “consistently dark, unsettling, and frightening.” She is a six-time winner of the Bram Stoker Award®, the author of four novels and over 150 short stories, and a world-class Halloween expert.

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Halloween Beyond: Piercing the Veil
Crystal Lake Publishing

When Kayla’s sister Hailey went missing in the nearby Ghost Woods on Halloween night, the last person to see her was the solitary, elderly Brigid. Kayla, who has long suspected Brigid of being involved with Hailey’s disappearance, dreads the first anniversary of her sister’s vanishing even as her best friend Sophie urges her to put the past behind her. Halloween nears and Kayla pays a visit to the pop-up Halloween Beyond store, where an enigmatic clerk named Maeve convinces her to buy a talking-board. Kayla begins receiving messages which claim to be from Hailey, but is it actually something more sinister calling out from beyond the veil? Brigid—who may be a witch—offers to lead Kayla into the Ghost Woods on Halloween in search of answers. Kayla discovers dark truths about herself as she and Brigid confront the terrifying supernatural forces that claimed Hailey.

A Little Yellow Book of Carcosa and Kings
Borderlands Press (Lisa Morton, editor, and Robert Chambers)

The stories included in A Little Yellow Book of Carcosa and Kings —”In the Court of the Dragon”, “The Mask”, “The Yellow Sign”, and “The Repairer of Reputations” —are the four works by Robert W. Chambers that make up his “King in Yellow” cycle. These tales have influenced generations of writers, ranging from tribute anthologies to the first season of HBO’s hit series True Detective. Acclaimed editor and multiple Bram Stoker Award®-winner Lisa Morton provides an introduction and extensive annotations. Limited to 500 copies signed by the editor.

Night Terrors & Other Tales
Omnium Gatherum Press

Twenty-one stories, including the Bram Stoker Award-winning “Tested” and the never-before-published title story “Night Terrors”.

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