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Book Club Recommends

Every month, the Wily Writers Book Club reads a new dark fiction selection then discusses it in a Zoom meeting that we’ll record and post on the Wily Youtube channel.

We’ll schedule these in advance and all are welcome to attend. Check here for dates and times.

October’s Selection:

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The Book of Accidents by Chuck Wendig

A family returns to their hometown – and to the dark past that haunts them still – in this masterpiece of literary horror by the New York Times best-selling author of Wanderers.

“The dread, the scope, the pacing, the turns – I haven’t felt all this so intensely since The Shining.” (Stephen Graham Jones, New York Times best-selling author of The Only Good Indians)

Long ago, Nathan lived in a house in the country with his abusive father – and has never told his family what happened there.

Long ago, Maddie was a little girl making dolls in her bedroom when she saw something she shouldn’t have – and is trying to remember that lost trauma by making haunting sculptures.

Long ago, something sinister, something hungry, walked in the tunnels and the mountains and the coal mines of their hometown in rural Pennsylvania.

Now, Nate and Maddie Graves are married, and they have moved back to their hometown with their son, Oliver.

And now what happened long ago is happening again…and it is happening to Oliver. He meets a strange boy who becomes his best friend, a boy with secrets of his own and a taste for dark magic.

This dark magic puts them at the heart of a battle of good versus evil and a fight for the soul of the family – and perhaps for all of the world. But the Graves family has a secret weapon in this battle: their love for one another.

Chuck Wendig is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of Star Wars: Aftermath, as well as the Miriam Black thrillers, the Atlanta Burns books, Zer0es/Invasive, Wanderers, and the upcoming Book of Accidents (July 2021). He’s also worked in a variety of other formats, including comics, games, film, and television. A finalist for the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer and the co-writer of the Emmy-nominated digital narrative Collapsus, he is also known for his books about writing. He lives in Pennsyltucky with his family. His agent is Stacia Decker, with Dunow, Carlson and Lerner.

Terribleminds is his blog where he rambles on about writing, parenthood, food, pop culture, and other such shenanigans. It is NSFW and NSFL.

Members are welcome to be part of the panel. You don’t have to be on camera, but if you are, then you will also be mentioned (with links) in the show notes! It’s an excellent (and perpetual) promotional beat for you and your works.

Come, participate, lurk, chat, and let’s discuss Silvia Moreno-Garcia’s Mexican Gothic.

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