6 Easy Before-Bed Hacks
to Improve Your Productivity

Practice these six hacks at night, and your mornings will go much more smoothly. Morning You will be grateful.

  1. Wash your dishes before you go to bed, especially the coffee pot. It’s no fun, but it’s worth it. In the morning, it’s too easy to get distracted by a dirty kitchen instead of getting straight to writing. Set yourself up for greatness.
  2. Make a 3-item to-do list for tomorrow. Only the three most important things you must do. Commit to doing these three things before you get on social media, answer email, or any other distraction-risky activities. Once you’ve completed them, your day is yours to do with as you please. Feels so good!
  3. Shut down your computer at the end of your workday. This makes it more daunting to turn it back on. After you finish work, stay off the computer.
    • Especially email! Make it a rule. Tomorrow morning is soon enough to check for the acceptance/rejection email.
    • If you have an idea, write it in a notebook by hand. Don’t be tempted to get back on the computer.
    • Remember, you haven’t stopped working on your book just because you’re offline. You’re giving your subconscious time to take the reins and your conscious mind a much-needed rest.
  4. Do easy stretches before bed. Five minutes spent doing the most basic stretches will work out all the kinks you acquired in your office chair, and you’ll sleep better. You can even do this while watching television or reading a book. (great examples)
  5. Once you’re in bed, let your mind reminisce about the story you’re writing. Hold it in your mind as you fall asleep. Your subconscious will chew on it all night long, and if you’re lucky, you’ll get dreams and/or new ideas from it! Great ideas often come in the morning, when you first wake up or are in the shower. This is thanks to your subconscious that was working hard while you slept.
  6. Pay attention to what wakes you up and take charge of defending against it. Partner snores? Invest in earplugs. Cat wakes you up to be fed? Give them extra food or use a time-release feeder. Too hot or too cold? Fan or extra blanket handy. Light wakes you up? Buy a good eye mask or darkening curtains. The quality of your sleep matters far more than the quantity, and waking up when your body is ready is critical.

    Product Recommendations

    I (Angel McCoy) personally use these products and find they work for me. Let us know in the comments if you’ve had experience with them (what’d you think?) or a similar product that you’d recommend.

    • CALM, magnesium powder. Note: be careful with magnesium because it can also loosen bowels (not always a bad thing). Start small and build as you learn your body’s tolerance for it.
    • Sleepytime Extra tea. This is my go-to if I’m experiencing insomnia. Look for a caffeine-free herbal tea with chamomile and valerian in it. The valerian is what makes it “extra.”
    • Silk Sleep Mask. I couldn’t find the exact mask I have, but this is basically it. I love that it covers my ears completely (helps reduce noise and also air blowing across my ear from the fan). It’s so soft I don’t notice it at all. It blocks the light completely.

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