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Bookfunnel is a website that lets you create landing pages with download links for various uses.

You can use it to distribute free promotional stories, ARCs, and even a free copy of your work. They make it easy for both you and your readers. No more lost emails or other weirdness.

For example, use it to easily (and attractively):

  • Distribute advanced reader copies (ARCs) to people you specify.
  • Give out a free copy of your work in exchange for signing up for your newsletter.
  • Setting up sales link pages that you can share with limited or broad audiences so people purchase your book. (A great alternative to making your own web pages for each book.)
  • Providing an e-copy to reviewers.
  • Viewing tracking data for the page, so you can see exactly how many people have downloaded the work.

You can view an example page for one of my freebie short stories. This one requires an email sign-up, but you can also set it up so it doesn’t require anything.

It does many other things as well, including:

  • Connecting you with other genre-specific writers for promotional events, giveaways, and newsletter swaps.
  • Posting a sample of your audiobook so you can easily share it with your readers in your newsletter or elsewhere. Great for pre-launch promotion teasers.
  • Have your ARC readers sign up, and Bookfunnel will send them your ARC with a unique link that only works for them. They will then track whether the ARC was downloaded or not for you.

Bookfunnel is extremely affordable relative to the great service it provides. At the time of this writing, the most basic account is only $20/year, which is less than $2/month. To get all the features I mention above, it’s $100/year (less than $9/month).


Let me know in the comments if you’d like me to do a walk-through video of Bookfunnel for you.

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