Workshops are a great way to get feedback on your work in progress as well as getting to know your peers and make new friends.

Members can create their own workshops and a private group for them. The group will have its own forum just for those people in your group. This way, you don’t have to worry about your manuscript being seen by a broader population.

If you’d like to join a private workshop in progress, request an invitation from one of its members. Our first group is the L’il Workshop of Horrors (members only). Why not give it a poke and see if it squeaks?


  • Best not to post the same piece more than twice, at most. Once is best.
  • Best not to argue with the feedback you receive. Just consider it and do what you think is best for your story.
  • Best not to post a whole novel or long work at once. Post in short pieces (chapter or a few pages). You’re far more likely to receive feedback.
  • Give more than you receive. Read others’ work and provide thoughtful constructive feedback.
  • You may invite others to the group if you’d like. It’s best to discuss this will all existing members first.
  • The group is set Private to avoid non-members seeing your work. Please do not change this setting.
  • Give the Terms of Service a look for more on Wily etiquette.
  • Talk to @Angel if you have any difficulties.
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